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Price of ASA 753890862: 0.000025691483541658135


PristinePrism is a community driven project with NFTs and P2E Idle game that can be used to gain passive Prisms. $PRSMS are the community token.  $PRSMS drop from AlgoFaucet based on Gen 1 Princesses and HomeWorlds held.

Algorand verified asset $PRSMS Prisms logo

PristinePrism series claims appear in server , see "░town-hall" in server for claim with $PRSMS.

$PRSMS are an in game token and are also available on Tinyman.

There are in server $PRSMS and On-chain $PRSMS.

Currently we allow transfers of On-chain to in server $PRSMS. These are processed manually DM "PristineFoxxy | DELTA | KUZUNOHA" in server for info.

These are currently kept separate to prevent abuse as the On-chain $PRSMS grow.

No worries, the primary utility for $PRSMS is through the bot shop using in server Prisms. This is why we allow manual transactions from on-chain to in server.

Tokens releases are currently focused towards project holders.

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