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Parallel Lines

How to join:

Join the discord.  (click button-->)

We use verification bots to connect your algo wallet

to your discord user profile. This way we can tell if you own certain

Project NFTs and award proper roles in server.

Server has an "onboarding process" all tasks must be completed to unlock server functionality.

Captcha bot tutorial

1. Verify you are not a bot and unlock main portion of server.

This is for you to prove you are not part of a bot raid and protects our users from bad actors.

~Using slash command "/verify" you select captcha bot and follow on screen prompts.

+ This step is crucial to pass for server functionality. Without it server will be extremely limited.

Registration and holder bot tutorial

1. New user to the bots by HI_NFT

~ "/register {wallet}" (? holder bot) user adds token and continues registering.

2. Previous HI_NFT bot users

+users who have registered to bot elsewhere would come in and only need to run the following-


+If bot says already verified then run the following command

 ~ "?uprole"

How to buy:

Primary Sales Gen 1 (click logo)

Primary Sales Gen 2 (click logo)

All Sales (click logo)


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